Vendor Finance Programs

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We developed and managed the finance program introducing the Mexican built Dina Viaggio to the United States and Canadian markets. Within two years the Dina Viaggio went from introduction to a major player due to the success of the program, a significant accomplishment for a new entrant.

Another manufacturer, Daimler AG, engaged our team to develop and manage a vendor finance program for Daimler’s new model Setra coach. Through the vendor program initiated, sales increased 100%, incremental finance income was generated and the Setra S417 was successfully introduced to the United States and Canadian markets.

Vendor Finance Programs provide a mechanism to:

  • Increase Sales Through Financing
  • Profit From Each Finance Transaction
  • Maintain Financing Off-Balance Sheet
  • Grow Your Customer Base
  • Generate Cross-Selling Opportunities

LENDERS – Coach Finance and Leasing offers:

  • Vendor Program Development
  • Program Negotiation
  • Ongoing Program Management
  • Training For Your Personnel

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